Blavity talks about Housemates "Disturbia" episode

"The series began with ‘Disturbia’ and the minisode ‘Post-Its’.  We’ve all been there with our housemates: you go to make a cup of tea, or an omelette. The excitement of having the meal leaves you salivating as you saunter over to the fridge. You open it, and then you realise – someone has left barely enough milk in the carton. Your mouth dries up in disappointment and your blood begins to boil. What do you do?"

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Housemates featured in Teen Vogue

"Created by Monique Needham, Housemates is a British web series that focuses on five 20-something friends and their day-to-day life. Think Sex & The City meet Girlfriends. In the first episode of the very relatable web series, the girls reminisce over a date gone completely wrong."

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